Our Worship

We gather to worship God two times every Sunday.  We want our worship to be Bible-based, as the Lord Jesus said in John 4:24, that true worshipers worship in spirit and truth.

The tone of our worship services is hard to describe, but we are not too casual.  We experience both joy and reverence.  Maybe you can compare it to a wedding ceremony you have been to.  A worship service has this combination of joy and solemnity because we are gathered in the presence of a holy and awesome God who graciously draws near to his people because of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Our music and the singing is unique.  We sing from “The Book of Praise” which results in a tone reminiscent of the sixteenth century.  The benefits of this Psalter is that we have all the Psalms of the Bible put to music and some other Hymns besides, to be sung by the entire congregation in unison.  An organ or piano is used to assist our singing.

Our prayers, too, contain praise to God, confession of sin, pleas for pardon and blessing, as well as requests for help, healing and guidance. The heart of our worship services is the public reading and preaching of the Word of God.  We follow this with an offering, as part of our worship, for the needs of the church and various missions.  The service concludes with a closing benediction taken from God’s Word.

Usually in the afternoon worship service, we use the Heidelberg Catechism as a guideline for the preaching. This means that the minister reads from the confession and preaches a particular point of doctrine from the Scriptures which was summarized by the Heidelberg Catechism.

The sacraments of Baptism and Lord’s Supper are administered in the worship services. As soon as it is feasible, parents request to have their newborn child baptized in the assembly of God’s people. As for the Lord’s Supper, we celebrate communion every two months.

Join us this Sunday

  • Worship with us:

    10290 Wadsworth Blvd., Westminster, CO. 80021

  • Service times:

    9:30 AM & 3:00 PM

  • Service times:

    9:30 AM & 3:00 PM

  • Minister:

    Pastor Steve Vandevelde