Our Pastor

This is a picture of my younger self, eh?
Hi, I am Steve Vandevelde, pastor of Emmanuel Church since July 2018. Judging by my accent (eh?) you can tell I came from the Great White North.  My wife and I grew up in Smithers, British Columbia.  Wow, Denver is warm!  Our children love it here!

Backing up in time, my wife married a two-way radio technician who had tendencies of being a mechanic, but she soon discovered I wanted to prepare for the ministry. We sold our house and moved to Hamilton, Ontario for me to gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Classics from McMaster University, and then a Masters Degree from the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary. My first calling in the ministry was to serve a church in Carman, Manitoba.

From as early as I can remember, I was a child of my parents, and in a way quite similar to that, I found myself to be a child of God. Though at times, estranged from him, he patiently continues to work in my life because his love is steadfast and his mercy is great. It was the Lord’s powerful Word and Spirit that made me alive to him, and it’s that same Word I want to preach to others, because his Spirit renews his people this way.

I love the church that Jesus Christ is gathering. I want to see it grow.

Here’s my contact info:
Steve Vandevelde
(303) 667-7194


Join us this Sunday

  • Worship with us:

    10290 Wadsworth Blvd., Westminster, CO. 80021

  • Service times:

    9:30 AM & 3:00 PM

  • Service times:

    9:30 AM & 3:00 PM

  • Minister:

    Pastor Steve Vandevelde